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Mission:To create a cohesive business networking group of companies that are interested in creating relationships with each other to enhance the services of McDowell Mountain Ranch. McDowell Mountain Ranch Business Networking (MMRBN) is focused on saturating MMR as the go to organization when residents need products or services.

Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B): is a business to consumer group. That means that we are businesses who want to do business with the consumers (residents of MMR). This is unique because many networking groups are focus strictly on B 2 B (Business to Business).


  • Only one representative of each industry.  The exception to this is the restaurant category.
  • Attendance is mandatory.
  • Two consecutive meetings missed, member will forfeit their membership and any dues paid.
  • Members are only allowed to miss two meetings (not consecutively) within their calendar year of membership. If they miss more, they forfeit their membership and any dues paid.

Members must:

Promote MMRVendors to the MMR community.

Display  MMRVendor cards in a predominant spot in your office if you have one.

Invite new guests for our available categories.

Meet with one different member each month to learn who and how to refer business.

Meetings will follow the following structure:

Each meeting will have a chance for everyone to introduce themselves and highlight at least two businesses.  Each business who is highlighted each month will be in a feature spot on

5 tips to become successful with MMR Vendors.

1 - Committed to Attendance – come early, leave late. That is where the most relationships can be formed.

2 - Committed to building relationships outside the meeting – It is a common and encouraged practice to call up fellow members and have coffee, tea, lunch, etc and get to know more about one another. Good topics are: where are you from? Why did you start your business? What is the best thing about your business? What are the challenges? How can I help you?

3 - Committed to giving – Givers get. Our group has the unique advantage of suggesting the GROUP to the residents of MMR. By promoting the group, we are able to help everyone. Leaving cards behind everywhere you go will be critical in the success of the group. There is strength in numbers.

4 - Partner up- Is there a member whose business can really compliment your own? Consider starting some sort of promotional campaign with them to help team up!

5 –Submit your Vendor Application for approval by the MMR Vendors Membership Committee.

6-  Pay your $120 annual membership fee


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